Hi, I am Dr. Jason Franchi. I am a doctor of chiropractic. I have been involved with chiropractic for the last 25 years as a patient, student and a doctor. As a native of the Pittsburgh area, I am very concerned about the health of my fellow neighbors.


As a patient, I first injured my neck and back when I was 11 years old during a wrestling tournament. I tried physical therapy and some mild pain relievers but none of that helped with the pain I was suffering from.  Thankfully, my uncle is a chiropractor.  He began treating me shortly after the physical therapy was concluded.  Within the first couple of visits, I began to notice a significant reduction of the pain in my neck and low back. Since that first experience with chiropractic, it changed my life forever and I would be involved with chiropractic ever since.


During my years as a chiropractic student, I had the opportunity to learn from many aspects of chiropractic.  I believe I have had the unique experience to learn about chiropractic care because I have been involved with spinal surgery, physical therapy and chiropractic care for the body.  I have also had the opportunity to learn a variety of adjusting techniques. Therefore, I am very confident in know that I can help a patient get healthy very quickly.  While in school, this is when I became aware of how import it is for children to be checked by a chiropractor.  It was an amazing experience to help a child in pain get back on the ball field and able to play with their friends again.


As a licensed Chiropractor, I have worked with some amazing doctors early in my career.  From the clinical experience that I have learned over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with simple cases such as headaches and low back pain to patients with Parkinson’s disease.  I believe that everybody deserves a chance to live healthy and pain free, from the athletes to sofa surfers and from elderly to newborn.  We all have aches and pains and we all need help recovering from an injury.  I am particularly concerned about today’s youth.  There are more and more children involved with intense sports and other activities causing more injuries today than when I was involved in sports.  I strive to keep children healthy so they do not suffer like us and our parents.